Game changing Hybrid Control & Monitoring Solutions 

Customise our industry leading components to get your ideal HMI, exactly as you want it.

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Our control and monitoring solutions are designed for flexibility across a wide range of applications – allowing you to create the optimum Human Machine Interaction. 

How It Works

Our modular solutions allow you to combine various components. Select your ideal display size, interaction preference, computing hardware, software and interface. In any combination you choose.

How it works

Design Your Bespoke Product Solution


Choose your display size, standard or customised, selecting from features that include super-wide viewing angles, high luminance, large contrast ratios, and long-term reliability.

UReady Display
  • Multi-projective capacitive
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles
  • Unparalleled clarity


A core Densitron speciality, we offer a wide number of options to create the most intuitive interface for you, including combining several different types in one hybrid solution.

  • Multi-point touch
  • Tactile objects (rotary and linear)
  • Transparent "mechanical-touch" buttons
  • Electro-mechanical components (shaft encoders and switches)
  • Haptics


Densitron’s embedded computing platforms include ARM Cortex, or X86 processing, in a range of processing capabilities. The embedded platform provides connectivity to external systems via Ethernet or serial communications. It also is optimised to handle all of the HMI functionality including driving the displays, interfacing to the touchscreen, and haptics.

Densitron’s embedded provide integrated and intelligent HMI solutions.



A control and monitoring surface can be integrated with external systems via Ethernet or serial communications to control third-party hardware, or, to monitor signals and data from third-party hardware.

The display and communications are commonly integrated into a stand-alone control and monitoring surface. Displays can also be embedded into customer’s products and include common interfaces such as HDMI or USB.

Step 4: Interface
Step 5: Software


With Densitron’s embedded architecture customers can rapidly install their application software onto Linux® or Windows® Operating Systems. Additionally, the ARM control and monitoring surfaces are available with Densitron’s Aurora Software Ecosystem to provide rapid deployment of User Interfaces and third-party control.

Introducing UReady - Superb smartphone quality graphics in ready to go rack displays

Employing IPS technology, offering an 80/80/80 symmetric viewing that is clear in bright or low light, our UReady range transforms what’s possible in HMI. With projected capacitive touch as standard, extreme temperature operation and long life backlight make Uready as reliable as it is impressive. 

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UReady Control Surfaces

New UReady Products

The latest UReady products contain proprietary technology Tactile-touch that provides the mechanical feeling of a button, combined with optical transparency, and interaction with a touchscreen display. Tactile control surfaces provide sensory feedback for operators, which touchscreens alone cannot easily do.


UReady 2RU Control Surface Ethernet Connectivity, ARM Platform - 1 Row Buttons 


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UReady 2RU Control Surface Ethernet Connectivity, ARM Platform - 3 Row Buttons


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